Mike Zuglan's Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour
Current 2019-20 Season
Qais Kolee Wins First Career Joss Tour Stop
L-R Bucky Souvanthong, Sharpshooters Manager Kayla Riccio and Qais Kolee

There’s a new sheriff on the Joss NE 9-Ball Tour, and his name is Qais Kolee.

The tour returned from it’s midseason break on February 22nd - 23rd with the Northeast 9-Ball Open XXXII at Sharpshooters Billiards and Sports Pub in Amsterdam, NY with a field of 30 players, and the two players who drew the most attention were Jeremy Sossei and Bucky Souvanthong. Between them, they have 11 tour stop wins over the last year, and they both backed up their early favorite status with undefeated Saturdays.

Sossei kicked off his Sunday with a 9-3 win over Ron Casanzio, while Souvanthing was sending Dwight Dixon to the one loss side 9-5. Souvanthong then beat Sossei 9-6 to earn his place in the hot-seat match. The other half of the winners side saw Kolee with a 9-6 win over Greg Antonakos, followed up by a 9-7 win over Sean Zeng.

Sossei rode the one loss side to the semi-final rematch with Souvanthong, but came up short again, dropping the match 7-4. That setup Souvanthong with a rematch against Kolee in the finals.

The two players came into the finals with very different looking resumes. Souvanthong had three main event tour stop wins, while Kolee had only experienced the winner’s circle in one second chance event from last November. Those resumes didn’t matter though, as Kolee scored a 9-4 win over Souvanthong in the first set of the finals for his first main event tour stop win.

The second chance event on Sunday saw Geoff Montgomery come out ahead of 18 other players for first place. He defeated Willie Oney for the hot-seat 3-2 and then beat Brian Tierney by that same 3-2 score in the first set of the finals.

The Joss NE 9-Ball Tour will be at Snookers Sports Billiards Bar & Grill in Providence RI on March 7th - 8th for their next stop, the 11th NE Pool & Billiard Hall of Fame 9-Ball Open where David Wright, Chris Leal, Michael Rinella, Jay Stevens, Cleiton Rocha, Pete Genovese and Ivan Lee will all be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

- by AzB staff
Complete Results:

Main Event Results
1 USA KOLEE Qais 1,150
3 USA SOSSEI Jeremy 650
4 USA ZENG Sean 500
5 THIELE Josh 350
7 USA CREAMER Mark 250
9 USA DIXON Dwight 150
9 USA TOOHIG Michael 150

Second Chance Results
2 TIERNEY Brian 210
3 USA ONEY Willie 150
4 USA TURNER Jordan 100
5 USA FOX Dawn 50
5 USA GARRETT Jamie 50

L-R 18 & under, Frank Spain III and 12 & Under D'Angelo Spain
Spain Brothers Are 2020 Joss Junior 9-Ball Champions

Congratulations to our new 2020, Joss Junior 9-Ball Champions Frank Spain III in the 18 & under division and D'Angelo Spain in the 12 & under. Both players dominated their respective divisions to claim their titles. Also congratulations to our second place finishers, Amber Kolchew (18 & under) & Alena Hahn (12 & under). Both of these young ladies were very impressive players as well. Frank Spain III went undefeated throughout the event to claim his title while younger brother D'Aangelo only lost one match in group play to earn his championship. Our formats for both divisions this year were, round robin group play with the final four playing off in single elimination play to determine the champions. Once again Tim Berlin deserves much thanks for allowing us the use of his beautiful Sharp Shooters Billiards & Sposrt Pub in Amsterdam NY.

It was a fun day of pool watching these 32 talented youngsters compete with some as young as 8 years old. There were 18 in the 18 & under division and 14 in the 12 & under. Most were playing in their first tournament ever. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves even though they were very serious in trying to win. Some even made a long weekend out of it by having a pizza, wings & pool (swimming) party at their motel! All players were treated to a table full of donated items to choose from, plus free raffles for the larger items. Special thanks goes out to Mike Renshaw for coming forward to make this event a success and many thanks go out to the many people and companies that generously donated products and their time to help. Our generous sponsors are, in no particular order: Sharp Shooters Billiards & Sports Pub (Tim & Julie Berlin), Joss Cues (Debbie, Dan & Stephen Janes), James Sinclair (Rhythm Custom Cues), CJ & Peggi Wilkinson (Baltimore City Cues), Don Kerns, Iwan Simonis (Ivan Lee), Aramith (Ivan Lee), Phil Capelle (Billiards Press), Mark Kulungian, Andrea Duvall (Utica Billiards On The Boulevard), Matt Tetreault, Steven W. Smith, Dave Dreidel, Bill Cote, Josh Burbul, Don Kennedy & Steve Lillis. And thank you to anyone I may have missed and everyone else involved. Hopefully we will be doing this for years to come. I am now accepting donations for our 2021 Joss Junior 9-Ball Championships. Product and monetary donations can be made by contacting Mike Zuglan at 518-356-7163.

- by AzB staff
Complete Results:
18 & Under:
1st Frank Spain III (Joss Cue & case, trophy)
2nd Amber Kolchew (trophy & Rhythm Cue & case - raffle)

Also competed - in no particular order:
Tim Svitak (Alex Kazakis autographed Pro Cup cue ball - raffle)
Dalton Johnson (Shane Van Boening autographed Pro Cup cue ball - raffle)
Samantha Given (Nick Varner cue & case - raffle)
Andrew Wolanske (Nick Varner cue & case - raffle)
Anthony Wolanske (Simonis Crest Banner autographed by top 8 at Turning Stone XXXIII event - raffle)
Michael Floyd (Shane Van Boening autographed Pro Cup cue ball - raffle)
Joey Berlin (Mizerak Cue & case - raffle)
Ulysses Taylor Jr. (Mizerak Cue & case - raffle)
Winter Dempsey (Simonis Crest Banner autographed by top 8 at Turning Stone XXXII event - raffle)
Hunter Hallock (Alex Kazakis autographed Pro Cup cue ball - raffle)
Adrianna Henderson
Ava Lucas
Kailey Bombard
Courtney Wood
Evan Sternquist
Jeffrie Martinez

12 & Under:
1st D'Angelo Spain (Joss Cue & case, trophy, plus Alex Kazakis autographed Pro Cup cue ball - raffle)
2nd Alena Hahn (trophy)

Also competed - in no particular order:
Jacob Sternquist (Rhythm Cue & case - raffle)
Makayla Lettieri (Mizerak Cue & case - raffle)
Olivier Payne (Jayson Shaw autographed Pro Cup cue ball - raffle)
Dominick Henderson (Shane Van Boening autographed Pro Cup cue ball - raffle)
Alie Thompson (Earl Strickland autographed Pro Cup cue ball - raffle)
Blake Bombard (Mizerak Cue & case - raffle)
Erika Barbera
Daishawn Witchley
Colin Given
Jeremy Wolfe
Logan Bombard
Paul Hahn

Van Boening Wins Sixth Career Turning Stone Title
Shane Van Boening

With an undefeated run through the field at the Turning Stone Classic XXXIII on January 9th - 12th, Shane Van Boening become only the third player to earn six Turning Stone Classic titles.

Van Boening’s toughest challenge in this event actually came late on day three, when “The Giant Killer” Jeremy Sossei had him in a 7-2 hole. As Van Boening has done countless times in the past though, he took his game to yet another level and came back to win seven of the next eight racks for the 9-8 win. “He has a propensity for making these comebacks on me” said Sossei. “did the same thing a few months ago at the Steinway Classic. I had him buried but he came back and beat me hill hill there too.

The close call with Sossei might have been a wakeup call for Van Boening, as he came out strong on day four and scored a dominating 9-5 win over Jayson Shaw. The match was tied at 4-4 early, before Van Boening won five of the next six racks for the win.

Van Boening then followed that up with a 9-2 win over Greece’s Alex Kazakis in the hot-seat match. Kazakis enjoyed a 2-1 lead before Shane won eight straight racks for the hot-seat.

The semi-final match was fairly anti-climactic as James Aranas was feeling under the weather and did not play up to his normal speed in a 9-1 loss to Kazakis.

If Kazakis, and the fans in attendance, needed any more proof of just how dangerous Van Boening can be when he gets a head of steam, the finals drove that message home. Kazakis fought out to a 6-3 lead in the extended race to thirteen, and never moved another bead. Van Boening got comfortable at the table and won the next ten racks for his second straight Turning Stone Classic title.

The win brings Van Boening to six Turning Stone Classic titles, tied with Jayson Shaw and Johnny Archer. Van Boening and Shaw have now teamed up to win ten of the last twelve Turning Stone Classic events, and both players are expected to be in attendance at the next running of the event, on September 3 - 6, to take their shot at their seventh titles.

- by AzB staff
Complete Results:
Main Event
1st $8,000 Shane Van Boening
2nd $5,000 Alex Kazakis (Greece)
3rd $3,600 James Aranas (Philippines)
4th $2,600 Billy Thorpe
5/6th $2,000 each - Mieszko Fortunski (Poland), Jayson Shaw
7/8th $1,600 each - Konrad Juszczyszyn (Poland), Jeremy Sossei
9/12th $1,200 each - Earl Strickland, Daniel Schneider (Switzerland), Kevin West, Brandon Shuff
13/16th $850 each - Joe Dupuis, Rodney Cuillerier (Can), Bill Gallagher, Bucky Souvanthong
17/24th $550 each - Sylvain Gingras (Can), Len Gianfrate, Demetrius Jelatis, Jennifer Barretta, Marco Kam, Dan Hewitt (Can), Matt Krah, Dave Fernandez
25/32nd $300 each - Frederick Belley (Can), Nick Charette (Can), Sean Morgan, Tom Zippler, Dave Mills, Hunter Lombardo, Chris Szuter, Matt Tetreault

33/48th - Earl Herring, Dean Cuillerier (Can), Paul Dryden, Mike Yednak, Frank Hernandez, Mike Giurleo, Gene Hunt, Steve Lillis, Dave Dreidel, Bruce Barthelette, Mark Creamer
Sylvain Deslauriers (Can), Johnny Archer, Clyde Matta, Dwight Dixon, Josh Burbul

49/64th - Tony Antone, Eric Cloutier (Can), Steve Fleming, Frank Wolak, Jesse Docalavich, Aaron Greenwood, Pat Fleming, Mike Nicoloro, John Francisco,
Mike Toohig, Willie Oney, Rhys Chen, John Morra, (Can), Darren Clement (Can), Ben Werblow, Holden Chin

65/96th - Elvis Joubert (Can), Frank Gaetani, Fred Gokey, Garrett Vaughan, Steven Winter (Can), Nick Coppola, Alain Caya (Can), Bruce Nagle, Dale Kimmett (Can),
Jia Li (Chn), Tom Acciavatti, Caroline Pao, Pascal Dufresne (Can), Che Lemmon (Can), Veronique Menard (Can), Roger Miller (Can), Steven Way, Alain Gelinas (Can), Ranulf Tamba,
Waleed Hashem, (Can), Lida Mullendore, Elvis Rodriguez, Gregg McAndrews, Sara Lancey, Ron Casanzio, Tom Gildea, Jerry Crowe, James Kearney,
George Poltorak, Don Reigel, Jay Goyer (Can), Cleiton Rocha

97/128th - Cristina Schneider, Amy Yu, Geoff Montgomery, Dave Shlemperis, Dan Faraguna, William Bombard, Jed Jecen, Greg Bombard, Alvin Thomas, Randy Labonte,
Maxime Villeneuve (Can), Devin Buttle (Can), Shawn Wescott, Jerome Rockwell, Ray Lee, Bob Cunninghan, Paul Pensgen, Larry Phlegar, Lenore Donavan Chen,
Dominic Gauthier (Can), Chris Braiman, Troy Deocharran, Joe Cicero, Phil Harju, Robert Ragusa, Rich Connors, Steven W. Smith, Jim Prather, Erin Bechner,
Einar Gudjohnsen, Paul Rozonewski, Rich Howard Second Chance Event
1st $500 Tom Zippler
2nd $300 Greg Bombard
3/4th $125 each - Tom Acciavatti, Aaron Greenwood

$1,500 Joss Cue raffle winners - Brian Dauphinee & Sammy Khiev & the winner of the autographed Aramith Pro Cup cue ball used in the final match - Bob Bartley

L-R Mike Zuglan, Fu Che-Wei, Lin Ta-Li and Snookers owner Steve Goulding
Lin Leads Chinese Taipei Contingent at Ocean State 9-Ball Championship

The team of players from Chinese Taipei did not have a good trip to the United States for the International 9-Ball Open, with Ko Ping-Chung’s 5th place finish as the best performance by one of the group’s players. Their results at the Joss NE 9-Ball Tour’s Ocean State 9-Ball Championship on November 9th - 10th at Snookers in Providence RI, was much better. Five of the six Chinese Taipei players cashed in the Ocean State event, with four of them in the top six spots.

Saturday matches narrowed the field of seventy-three players down to just twelve. The winner’s side came down to Fu Che-Wei, Lin Ta-Li, Suad Kantaravic, and recent Junior Invitational 9-Ball Champion Lukas Fracasso-Verner. Both players from Chinese Taipei then advanced with Fu beating Verner 9-2 and Lin over Kantaravic 9-6. Lin then defeated Fu 9-3 for the hot-seat.

Sunday matches on the one-loss side saw Hsu Kai-Lun eliminating Mike Giurleo and Frankie Hernandez before losing a 7-3 decision to Kantaravic. The other half of the one-loss side saw Chang Yu-Lung over Ron Casanzio and Chiang Chen-Yu before being eliminated in 5th place by Verner. Verner sent Kantaravic to the seats in 4th place with a hill-hill win but then dropped the semi-final match to Fu 7-2.

The all Chinese Taipei final match went one set with Lin repeating his hot-seat win over Fu 9-5 for first place.

Sunday’s second chance tournament was won by Francisco Cabral, who went undefeated and didn’t allow an opponent more than one rack against him all day. Cabral defeated Mike Salerno 3-1 for the hot-seat and 3-1 again in the finals.

The next Joss NE 9-Ball Tour stop will be the Turning Stone Classic XXXIII on January 9th - 12th. That event is now full. Any player who didn’t get their entry paid can contact Mike Zuglan to get on the waiting list.

- by AzB staff
Complete Results:
Main Event
1 TPE LIN Ta Li 2,500
2 TPE FU Che-Wei 1,800
5 TPE CHANG Yu-Lung 700
5 TPE HSU Kai Lun 700
7 USA HERNANDEZ Frankie 550
7 TPE CHIANG Chen-Yu 550
9 USA DUPUIS Joe 400
9 USA GIURLEO Mike 400
13 USA PRATHER Jim 250
13 USA GUREVICH Alex 250
13 USA SOSSEI Jeremy 250

Second Chance Event
1 USA CABRAL Francisco 340
2 USA SALERNO Mike 220
5 USA JEVONS Darren 60
Casanzio Takes Joss NE 9-Ball Tour Win Undefeated
L-R Ron Casanzio, Room Owner's Son Jeremiah Imburgia and Bruce Nagle

As it turns out, building a sizable winning stream of Joss NE 9-Ball Tour stops is a difficult proposition. Bucky Souvanthong came into Diamond Billiard Bar & Grill in Rochester NY, on November 2nd and 3rd looking to add to his two stop winning streak. Lyn Wechsler and Jeremiah Imburgia had other plans though, as they eliminated Souvanthong from play on day one of the event.

Having more success on this weekend were Len Gianfrate, Dave Mills, Bruce Nagle and Ron Casanzio, who all escaped Saturday play undefeated. On Sunday, Gianfrate defeated Mills 9-5 and Casanzio beat Nagle 9-6. Casanzio then went on to send Gianfrate to the one loss side in the hot-seat match 9-3.

On the one loss side, both players coming over from the right side on Sunday won their matches with Nagle over Imburgia and Mills over Wechsler. Nagle then went on to eliminate Mills 7-4 and Gianfrate 7-6.

The finals went one set with Casanzio staying unbeaten and defeating Nagle 9-4 for first place.

Sunday’s second chance tournament saw Qais Kolee in the hot-seat with a 3-0 win over Dan Sharlow. Sharlow then dropped the semi-final match to Sean Zeng. Zeng won the first set of the finals 3-2, but Kolee won the second set 3-0 for first place.

- by AzB staff
Complete Results:
Main Event
1 USA CASANZIO Ron 1,000
2 USA NAGLE Bruce 700
4 USA MILLS Dave 350
5 USA IMBURGIA Jeremiah 225
7 USA GOLDBERG Michael 125

Second Chance Event
1 USA KOLEE Qais 300
2 USA ZENG Sean 200
L-R Bucky Souvanthong, Brickhouse Billiards Co Owner Brad Rees and Ron Casanzio
Souvanthong Starts Joss Tour Winning Streak

The talk on the Joss NE 9-Ball Tour this season has been the six tournament winning streak put together by Jeremy Sossei. Over the October 26th - 27th weekend at Brick House Billiards in Syracuse NY, Bucky Souvanthong started building a winning streak of his own.

Souvanthong had three lopsided Saturday wins over Gary Hinkley (9-3), Eric Hamel (9-4) and Hendrik Drost (9-5). Things got tougher on Sunday morning though, as Souvanthong went to hill-hill before sending Ron Casanzio to the one loss side. Next up for Souvanthong was Jay Goyer in the hot-seat match. That match went to Souvanthong 9-6.

After wins over Tony Antone, Dave Ricci and Goyer, Ron Casanzio would be the one to come out of the one loss side to challenge Souvanthong in the finals. Looking back on Souvanthong and Casanzio’s hill-hill match earlier, it was no surprise that the rematch would be another close one. The players were tied at 7-7 when Souvanthong took the hill at 8-7 and then proceeded to make the 9-ball on the break in rack sixteen, for the 9-7 win.

Sunday’s second chance tournament had a lot less suspense as Bruce Carroll beat Nick Brucato, Rick Manzi, Jamie Garrett and then Brucato again, for first place.

The Joss NE 9-Ball Tour will be at Diamond Billiards Bar & Grill in Rochester, NY on November 2nd and 3rd for their next stop. Players who are interested in playing in January’s Turning Stone Classic XXXIII are urged to contact Mike Zuglan and get their entry fees in.

- by AzB staff
Complete Results:
Main Event
3 CAN GOYER Jay 550
4 USA RICCI Dave 450
5 USA ANTONE Tony 300
7 USA HOLMES Brian 150

Second Chance Event
1 USA CARROLL Bruce 300
2 USA BRUCATO Nick 200
3 USA GARRETT Jamie 100
Sossei Wins Seventh Straight and Then Drops Final Match to Souvanthong
L-R Jeremy Sossei, Sharpshooters Manager Kayla and Bucky Souvanthong

Jeremy Sossei didn’t compete in the October 5th / 6th Joss NE 9-Ball Tour Stop, but he was back in action the last two weekends where he earned his seventh straight title and then finally lost in a final match.

The tour stop at Utica Billiards on the Boulevard on October 12th & 13th saw Sossei run through the field undefeated, beating Ron Casanzio for the hot-seat 9-7 and then Brad Guthrie in the finals. Sossei had defeated Guthrie in the final four on the winner’s side Sunday 9-4 and then did so again 9-2 in the finals.

The next stop, October 19th & 20th at Sharpshooters Billiards and Sports Pub, was looking like yet another Sossei victory as he went through Saturday matches against Bob Nerkert, Chris Braiman and Bruce Carroll undefeated. Sunday was more of the same, with Sossei defeating Danny Hewitt 9-5 and then Qais Kolee for the hot-seat 9-4.

Bucky Souvanthong had dropped a late Saturday match to Kolee, but ran through the one loss side with a Saturday night win over Ben Werblow and then Sunday wins over Ron Casanzio, Hewitt and Kolee to earn his place against Sossei in the finals.

Souvanthong is the only man to have won a Joss Tour Stop this season, aside from Sossei, and he won that stop on the one weekend that Sossei was not in attendance. He proved that he was more than capable of a tour stop win, with or without Sossei in the field, as he double dipped Sossei 9-3 and 7-5 in the finals for first place.

The October 13th second chance tournament saw Fred Gokey drop the hot-seat match to Nick Coppola and then come back to defeat Coppola twice in the finals for first place. The October 20th second chance tournament saw Bruce Carroll with an undefeated run that included 3-1 wins over Norm Vernon for the hot-seat and again in the finals.

The Joss NE 9-Ball Tour will be back in action this weekend at Brickhouse Billiards in Syracuse, NY for another $1,500 added main event and $500 added second chance event.

- by AzB staff
Complete Results:
Main Event October 19th & 20th
2 USA SOSSEI Jeremy 700
3 USA KOLEE Qais 500
4 USA THOMAS Alvin 350
5 USA HURLEY Mike 225
5 CAN HEWITT Danny 225
7 USA NAGLE Bruce 125

Main Event October 12th & 13th
1 USA SOSSEI Jeremy 1,000
2 CAN GUTHRIE Brad 750
4 USA ONEY Willie 400
5 USA THOMAS Alvin 250
5 USA BRUCATO Nick 250

Second Chance Event October 12th & 13th
1 Fred Gokey 300
2. Nick Coppola 200
3. Mark Creamer 140

Second Chance Event October 19th & 20th
1. Bruce Carroll 300
2. Norm Vernon 200
3. Jamie Garrett 120
4. Geoff Montgomery 80
5/6. Frank Sorriento/Tom Acciavatti 40
Bucky Souvanthong
(Photo Courtesy Erwin Dionisio)
Souvanthong Holds Off Casanzio for Joss Tour Win

Bucky Souvanthong held off a late charge from Ron Casanzio to win the Joss NE 9-Ball Tour stop at East Ridge Billiards in Rochester NY over the October 5th - 6th weekend.

Souvanthong’s Saturday consisted of three wins, 9-4 over Dan Sharlow and then back to back 9-3 wins over Sean Zeng and Dave Mills.

Joining Souvanthong on the winner’s side on Sunday were Lyn Wechsler, Casanzio and Sourith Thammavong. Casanzio made quick work of Wechsler 9-1, while Souvanthong had a slightly closer 9-4 win over Thammavong. That left Souvanthong and Casanzio to battle for the hot-seat, which Souvanthong took 9-6.

Thammavong had two tough 7-5 wins on the left side of the board (Brad Guthrie and Sharlow), but wasn’t ready for Casanzio as Casanzio ended Thammavong’s day in third place 7-2.

The first set of the double elimination finals went to Casanzio 9-7 in another close match, but Souvanthong took control of the second set and cruised to a 7-2 win for first place.

Sunday’s second chance tournament saw Mark Creamer come back from a first round loss to Marco Kam and win seven straight matches to take first. Creamer got his revenge over Kam 3-2 on the one loss side, and that match would contain the last rack he would lose in this event. He defeated Nick Coppola 3-0 and then proceeded to double dip Steve Winter 3-0 twice to take first place.

The next stop on the Joss NE 9-Ball Tour will be this weekend (October 12th - 13th) at Utica Billiards on the Boulevard in Utica, NY. Tour director Mike Zuglan is busy taking entries for January’s Turning Stone Classic XXIII and players are urged to contact him to get their entries fees paid asap.

- by AzB staff
Complete Results:
Main Event Result
3 USA THAMMAVONG Sourith 450
5 CAN GUTHRIE Brad 225
7 USA NAGLE Bruce 150
7 USA ANTONE Tony 150

Second Chance Results
1 USA CREAMER Mark 300
2 USA WINTER Steven 200
3 USA COPPOLA Nick 120
4 USA KAM Marco 80
Sossei over Fleming for Joss Tour Fourpeat
L-R Jeremy Sossei, Room Owner Lenore Chen
and Bruce Nagle

While Jeremy Sossei has won the last three Joss NE 9-Ball Tour stops, he has had to win the last two with one loss. That was what he did again at Snookers Billiards in Providence, RI on June 1st - 2nd for the final regular season stop on the tour.

Sossei cruised through Saturday’s matches undefeated with wins over Lida Mullendore, Jim Prather, Ranulf Tamba and Dev Bhattacharya. The closest any opponent got to Sossei on Saturday was Tamba at 9-4. Sossei’s undefeated run came to an end on Sunday morning, as he dropped his first match of the day to Pat Fleming 9-6. After that match, Fleming went on to defeat Tom D’Alfonso 9-5 for the hot-seat.

Sossei got by Francisco Cabral 7-4 and Jared Demalia 7-2, to earn the match against D’Alfonso in the semi-finals. That match would go hill-hill before Sossei pocketed the final nine ball. The time in the hot-seat might have proved to be a negative for Fleming, as Sossei proceeded to win the first set of the finals 9-4 and then the second set 7-3. The win was Sossei’s 6th of the season and his 4th in a row.

Sunday’s “Second Chance” tournament saw Bob Madenjian with a 3-1 win over Ray Buthe for the hot-seat and then facing Nick Coppola in the finals. Coppola won the first set of the finals 3-2, but Madenjian came back to take the second set 3-2 for the win.

The stop at Snookers was the final regular season tour stop and players will now prepare for the Turning Stone Classic XXXII on August 22nd - 25th at the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY. That event is full, but fans are invited to watch the action in person with free admission on all four days of the event.

- by AzB staff
Complete Results:
Main Event Result
1 USA SOSSEI Jeremy 1,000
2 USA NAGLE Bruce 700
3 ISR ZVI Zion 500
5 USA HERNANDEZ Frankie 250

Second Chance Results
2 ENG WONG Suzzie 100
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