Mike Zuglan's Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour

Main Event Entry Fees
Pro Entry Fee: $120
Standard Entry Fee: $70

Sunday Non-Pro Event
Entry Fee: $20
Must have played in Main Event

Tour Membership Fee: $40/yr
Non Member Fee: $15/event

Double Elimination
Races To 9/7
Finals Two Races, when needed, to 9/7
Turning Stone Classic Events Remain Races to 9 Both Sides, with a Single Set Final Race to 13

Doors open at 10am
Registration Closes at 11:00am

Dress Code for Regular Events:
No T-shirts, Sweats, Tanks or Shorts.
Dress Code for Turning Stone Classic Events:
Dress Pants, Dress or Collared Shirt and Shoes.
Neat & Clean Appearance
At our discretion!

Greens Fees:
The Total Prize Fund for all added money events has always been calculated as follows:
The total of all entry fees, minus 20% per entry "Greens Fees", plus 100% of the stated added money equals the Total Prize Fund.
("Greens Fees" include $10 per player to the Tournament Director for running the event. All remaining monies go to the host site for use of their facility.)

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